Attention Broadcasters……

I’ve always tried to use proper grammar although I’m far from perfect.  But please….someone needs to tell some of our broadcasters the following:



1)  “Continue on” is redundant.  You do not “continue on”… just “continue”.   That’s what “continue” means and it’s all that’s needed.

2)   Something does not happen “on accident”… happens “BY accident”.

3)   When you are broadcasting, you do not have to start every new story with “Now, blah, blah, blah…..”.  Now????   Go ahead, launch right into the story without beginning with “Now”.  This is a new phenomenon.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how this got started and why it’s so widespread.  Is it being taught in a class somewhere?

I apologize for calling these to your attention.  You will probably wish I hadn’t.  Once you hear these, you’ll hear them over and over and it will make you crazy.  You’ll find yourself talking to the TV again.  They are like the songs you can’t get out of your head…..sorry, here they come:

1)  Yellow Submarine

2)  Don’t Worry, Be Happy

3)  Achy Breaky Heart 

4)  YMCA

5)  It’s a Small World After All

and last, but not least

6)  100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

I’m sure there are many more examples of poor grammar and annoying songs that I am not remembering.   What bugs YOU? 


When did “slovenly” become a fashion statement??

I’m only gonna talk about men in this rant, although men certainly don’t have a lock on “slovenly”.   Have you noticed how the “slovenly” look has become almost a fashion statement?  How did it happen?  Why in the world would any man want to be photographed or seen with five o’clock shadow?  I just gotta say it “Shave for cryin’ out loud!” or at least trim the darn thing.   It’s epidemic:  movie stars, guys in commercials and, sadly, real life guys wearing what we used to call 5:00 shadow or scraggly old beards.  Are they lazy?  Are they tired?  Do they think it looks good?!?  Really????

Warning:  My next statement will be about walking to school uphill in the snow both ways…….  Here it comes:  In MY day girls wouldn’t have considered dating a guy who didn’t care enough to bother to shave before a date.  Case in point:  Who decided Ashton Kutcher would look better in the long hair and scraggly beard?  I don’t blame Demi Moore…I’d unload the dude too.  

So tell me, how do these guys keep that look?  I mean, if they shaved every other day or something, then sometimes they would actually be clean shaven and look good.  But it seems they’ve mastered the art of looking bad all the time.  Have they figured out some way to just shave here and there so they can keep that unkempt look?  Have they designed some kind of new razor with an attachment that allows you to just shorten the beard rather than shave it (you’ve seen these “guards” on dog clippers or in those infomercials for the little tiny nose hair clippers..they’re usually taming wayward eyebrows).  Is that how they manage to maintain the look?  Wonder if they’ve started applying for jobs looking like that?

And don’t EVEN get me started on the tattered, faded clothes or backward gimme caps!

Please fellas….let’s get through this fad of not bothering to shave.  I’m ready to see some handsome, clean cut guys again.

Let’s start at the very beginning….it’s a very good place to start.

Welcome to my world.  I’ve been threatening to start a blog for some time…mostly to spare my Facebook friends from my rants and raves.   So here we go.  I hope to keep you interested by taking a humorous look at the world and occasionally having a rant or two. 

Let’s start with this rant.  (The humor comes later I guess.)  Someone explain to me why TV commercials are so loud.  Don’t you find yourself leaping for the remote to mute the message someone’s paying a fortune to broadcast?  

I wonder who decides the volume of a commercial?   Seems logical to me if you’re paying big bucks to broadcast commercials you’d want your message to be seen and heard.  But when they’re so loud, I grab for the remote and mute or switch channels and I know I’m not alone. 

Sometimes I want to scream at the television…”I’m old already, but I’m not deaf!”   Instead I end up screaming, “I have a remote and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”  (Followed by “hit mute” or “change channel”)  You’d think it would occur to some advertising genius that making it louder doesn’t make it better….only more obnoxious.  Are you with me on this one?